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Greetings to all you potential homeowners out there who are looking for a little information on Mississauga real estate before you get out there and start looking for your perfect condo. Our experts have compiled their best advice and most up to date statistics for this website in the hopes of sending more knowledgeable and well researched home seekers out into the market. Use the navigation strip along the top of this page to jump straight to the topic you're looking for or stick around and soak up the following introduction to the city of Mississauga.

Mississauga, for the past decade or so, has been considered part of Greater Toronto, but make no mistake, it is a city on its own. In fact, it has the sixth largest population of any city in Canada. Over 700,000 people make their homes here and more are arriving all the time, which means that Mississauga real estate brokers are always busy. The city's motto is "Pride in Our Past, Faith in Our Future," which translates into an open and welcoming attitude toward new residents from elsewhere in Canada or from other countries throughout the world.

One of the reasons Mississauga is such a popular destination is its job market. Mississauga has caught most of the big business overflow from Toronto, and has become home to the Canadian headquarters offices of a variety of multinational corporations like Hewlett-Packard and Wal-Mart. Additionally, the small-to-medium business scene is thriving, with new businesses opening all the time, specializing in everything from retail to cosmetic dentistry. Mississauga's jobless rate is usually at or below the national average, leaving most residents with enough money to enjoy very comfortable lifestyles. Of course, not everyone who lives in Mississauga works here, as it's also a popular destination for commuters with jobs in downtown Toronto.

The city of Mississauga has always had its beautiful spots, but the new Absolute World condominium towers promise to be the city's defining attraction. Designed as part of an architectural competition and under construction now, they will join other buildings such as the Playdium and the Square One Shopping Center on the list of Mississauga's primary attractions. If you're an outdoorsy person, Mississauga is packed to the brim with parks and preserved woodlands, and there's always Lake Ontario, which has long been popular with watersports enthusiasts and shows up in the background of many a new homes in Vaughan real estate agent.

Mississauga is a large city, spanning over 280 square kilometers, and boasting dozens upon dozens of distinct neighborhoods. The very prospect of searching such a large area for the one small condo you want to call your own can be daunting, which is why we highly recommend enlisting the aid of a real estate agent unless you already have a neighborhood picked out. Condos will generally tend to cluster in high rise buildings in the more urban neighborhoods like Cooksville, so condo shoppers will have fewer options than detached home shoppers. Luckily, once you find your place, it's easy to outfit it with furniture and mattresses in Mississauga, since the city is home to many of the GTA's big box malls.

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