Cost of Living

Thinking about buying a condo in Mississauga? One of the first things that might come to mind is just how much the cost of living in this city is. A lot of people move here after they see the average cost of Brampton houses for sale and realize that the prices are probably way beyond their budget. However, what many people don't realize is that the average Mississauga resident actually makes a lot more money than the average Toronto resident.

So how is it that the average cost of a house - one of the base indicators of the cost of living - is so much less in Mississauga? Well, probably at the heart of this is the fact that many people who live in Mississauga actually work in Toronto. They choose to live here rather than on, say, some Markham Ontario real estate because they still have all the advantages of the big city, without having to commute the extra distance every day. So, you get people making Toronto money but buying real estate at Mississauga prices.

That means the average cost of living is lower in Mississauga, than it is in Toronto, simply thanks to real estate costs. However, that seems to apply mostly to people who are actually going to outright buy their own place. Rentals in Mississauga will cost about par with Toronto, because land owners know people are looking to cut costs by living here. So if you are a student looking for UWO off campus housing, don't expect to find great deals in Mississauga.

Like Toronto, residents of Mississauga can cut down significantly on other costs of living, such as food and transportation. Transportation costs can be huge, in fact. While in most Canadian cities and metro areas owning a vehicle is essential, this is not the case with Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area. The public transit system here is integrated and convenient, and costs significantly less to use than owning your own vehicle. You might need it to take advantage of that Edmonton spa massage your mother gave you, but for day to day use, a vehicle is really a waste of money in the city.

As for food, well the general rule is the more places to buy, the lower you can keep your costs. Netmotion users will find that careful bargain hunting for shopping and eating out can reduce the cost of living in Mississauga significantly.

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