Gateway To Canada

When we talk about Canada's most important cities, one that is usually left off the list is the city of Mississauga. The city is largely overshadowed by neighbouring metropolis Toronto. Even if we are just talking cities considered to be gateways to the country, people think of Toronto or one of the border cities as their first choice. However, thanks to the location of Lester B. Pearson airport in Mississauga, it's our city that is truly the first sight of Canada that many travellers glimpse.

Mississauga's position as a transportation capital is as much national as it is international. Many a business person catches a taxi in Toronto and makes her way to Mississauga's airport, catching all the urban sights in between the cities. Because of the international flavour of the city, though, many people choose to make their first home in Canada in the city of Mississauga, as evidenced by the incredible growth of the city over the last decade.

The multi-cultural feel of the city can be felt when one travels to different neighbourhoods throughout. You are just as likely to hear traditional African music coming from the stereos in some neighbourhoods as you are rap, pop, rock, or any other North American style of music. Over the years of growth, immigrants from certain countries have tended to make their homes in the same Mississauga locations, adding to the ethnic diversity of the city and its neighbourhoods.

That rapid growth has also meant Mississauga has been able, and indeed had to, expand many of its services to the public. There are various spots for seniors care Mississauga sponsors through tax dollars as well as those received from the provincial government. As the majority of the citizens of the city are of working age, these care centres and facilities tend to benefit from a larger amount of money than those in other locations.

Mississauga also offers several programs offering support to various groups within the city. There are programs for parents of children with autism, Mississauga city facilities for drug and alcohol counselling, and other services as well.

And of course, the thriving population of Mississauga makes it an ideal place for those looking to set up a business. This applies whether you want to operate a used book store or if you are a wedding photographer. Burlington Ontario residents and others will tell you that all of Canada may be great to live in, but it's Mississauga which most people regard as the gateway to the country.

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