Hiring Employees

Many businesses start out with just one person working there. You might have a landscaping firm where you're the only one installing interlocking paving stones or run a store on your own. This is because you might not know if you have the money to pay an employee in the beginning. But as you start to grow and expand you might find that you need some help. Here is a short guide to finding the right employee, whether they need to do face hair removal in a spa or work the phones, and how to hire them legally.

If you're going to have people working for you than you need to decide if they are contract workers or if you are their employer. If they're working under contract than you don't need to deduct taxes from them or get an employer identification number. If you're going to need people more permanently than you will need to have this paperwork in place before you can place a want ad. This is one of those rules to doing business legally, like taking a real estate license course or getting the proper permits. Your local small business office can likely help you through the process.

Once you understand how to properly pay and tax your employees you can start thinking about what their job description will be and what sort of candidate you're looking for. If it's someone who's going to be helping you in spas Mississauga based than you might want someone with a calm and welcoming demeanor who can assist you with treatments and work reception. If you're running a trades business than you will likely need someone with the proper training.

You will also need to decide what's fair to pay that person and the benefits that you're able to offer. While most new businesses are not able to offer their employees full dental and health plans, there are many other things that could help you attract a quality worker. If you're running a GTA limo service than you could offer friends and family a discount on your services. Or you could offer more than the standard two weeks vacation to start.

One of the most important steps to finding the right employee is an informative interview. You should frame your questions off of your list of what you're looking for in the ideal candidate. Don't feel that you need to ask the standard questions that you hear in interviews again and again. You should also remember that this is someone you will likely be working with personally on the job. So, they should not only be qualified but also someone that you're comfortable working with. You will want someone you communicate well with right from the start.

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