Condo Perks for People Looking for a Real Estate Agent in Markham, Younge and Bloor, Mississauga & Davisville

Condo Perks for People Looking for a Real Estate Agent in Markham, Younge and Bloor, Mississauga & Davisville

Condos are still one of the newest forms of home design but they are already evolving very quickly. While just a decade ago average Toronto condos or Mississauga models may have just included a parking space and secure entry into the building, today those looking at modern condos expect much more. It is possible to find buildings with everything from an on site spa to a rooftop garden. But, when you're looking at getting a condo you always need to weigh the amenities available against the amount of condo fees you will be expected to pay each month. Here's a little more about what you might find with new condo extras throughout units in the Greater Toronto Area.

There are some things that are still standard with every condo. You can expect that general maintenance and repairs within your individual unit and the building's common areas will be taken care of for you. There is usually a superintendent employed by all of the condo owners collectively who lives in the building and can attend to problems any time of the day. Also, even the most basic condo designs nowadays usually come with some sort of security system to keep unwanted people out of the building. This might be with extra locks and a buzzer system or, with a more luxury Mississauga or Yonge and Bloor property, a doorman or concierge desk. Parking is usually also available with each unit but might be subject to an additional monthly fee on top of the regular condo fees.

Your Mississauga or Oshawa real estate agent can tell you that with the highest end condos, it's beginning to seem like the sky is the limit in terms of amenities. It is now possible to choose a condo unit with turn-key service, meaning that all of the furniture and linens are provided and will be cleaned for you upon request. While this is not yet common with real estate services in Mississauga, it is quite common for those that are looking at a condo as a vacation home in places like Mexico or St. Bart's. With the most extravagant condo designs you may also find things like a grocery store or pharmacy, spa, and even a dry cleaners right in your building for resident's use.

But, you don't have to be living in a penthouse in Yorkville to get some more modern perks. Many of the more average-priced units from Davisville Village to Mississauga are now coming with on-site gyms, media rooms, outdoor entertaining areas, and garden spaces. All of these are private to the building's residents and many of the rooms can be signed out to host your own event or party.

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