Condo Owner Code of Conduct

Living in a condo complex means being part of a community of sorts. You will share common spaces and need to respect those that are living around you. In order to promote harmony, many condo buildings from Mississauga to Lytton Park have adopted a code of conduct for their residents. These rules and guidelines are meant to make sure everything in the building runs smoothly and all homeowners are contributing positively to their residence. Here are some things that you may find in a condo contract code of conduct.

Paying you condo fees or HOAs on time. All of the condo fees are going towards the maintenance and care of the building and are split between all of the residents. This means that if one homeowner is late on their payments or does not pay at all than that Toronto Waterfront condominiums will suffer as a whole. That money will have to come from somewhere and may result in increased fees in the future for everyone.

Cleaning and maintenance of common spaces. While most condo buildings will have a superintendent on staff to take care of any repairs that need to be done in individual units and common spaces, there is usually not a maid service to go with that. That means that if there is a barbecue area or movie theatre in your series of North York condominiums where you've decided to host a party, it will be your responsibility to leave the space the way you found it. This is true of all of the common spaces within your building.

Noise levels. Like when living in an apartment building, living in a condo means that you will be sharing walls with other units. That means you may have to keep the music down or end the party a little early. When living in places like King West condos there are usually places in the buildings lower levels where you can host a gathering. This is away from individual units and would probably be a better location than your one bedroom if you're planning to party into the morning hours.

Even if you're condo board does not require you to sign a code of conduct agreement when you move into that condo real estate in Toronto or Mississauga, you should still follow these rules to be a respectful neighbour. Your condo community can be a great place to meet new friends if you don't present yourself as a menace to the building.

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