Office and Business Space

Unless you're planning on starting a home or internet based business, such as becoming an online life coach, you're going to need somewhere to set up shop. Mississauga has the second largest concentration of businesses in Canada, so if you're looking for a place to house your business you'll find that you have a wide range of options. Each business has different needs, so as you go looking for business space keep the following things in mind to help you make your decision.


It can be difficult to choose office space for a business that is not yet operational. You have no way of knowing whether you'll need to hire more employees within a few months or require more storage space. All you can really do is have your Brantford Realty agent find you everything within your budget. That way you might find some spaces with a little room for expansion that don't exceed your budget.


As long as your budget allows it, you should be where the action is in your field. If you're setting up a business to advertise condominiums for sale in Mississauga, you don't want to rent your office space all the way out in Brampton. Not only would you have to travel long distances to post your signage but you'd be forcing your customers to go to extra effort to give you their business. You'll find that very few will be willing to oblige. For businesses in the office, service, and retail industries, the downtown area is always a safe (if expensive) bet.


The type of business you're running will determine the type of accessibility you'll need to look for in a building. For instance, if you're operating a defensive driving course in Toronto, your building will need to have parking spaces for your teaching vehicles and easy access to situations where it would be good to practice driving, like a busy downtown street, a parking lot, and a highway. Accessibility is also for people. By making sure people with mobility problems can get to your offices, you're not telling them you don't want their business.


You have to be careful when you're looking for somewhere to build Mississauga office units because sometimes the building or neighborhood won't be zoned for the sort of activities you have in mind. Some areas are zoned for offices only. Others are zoned for all kinds of commercial activity, including warehousing and factories, while still others are purely residential. You cannot open an airport or factory in an area that is not zoned for it. Zoning is determined by the city, so if you find you've made an error the chances of you finagling your way out are slim.

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