Neighbourhood Descriptions

Having a particular location in mind, whether it's just to be near your Mississauga dental office or a specific neighborhood, will greatly assist your real estate agent when she's compiling a list of properties for you to look at in the city. If you're new to Mississauga or have only ever lived in one neighborhood, you can ask your realtor for some suggestions or consult our guide on Mississauga neighborhoods. It has descriptions of several of Mississauga's most popular neighborhoods and it should help you make a decision.


If you're being forced to live in the city because of your job but would really like to live in a small town, as your Mississauga Royal LePage agent to find you places in Streetsville, as it might just be the compromise you're looking for. It began as a small town and fought hard to keep its small town charm even after being surrounded by city and suburbs. You won't find many condos here, just detached homes.

Lorne Park

If you're looking to become part of a tight knit, insular community, then Lorne Park real estate might be your preferred option. The former village of Lorne Park was begun as a resort and even today features a large expanse of communal land with parks, trails, and conservation space and well maintained detached homes. Some of the roads are even privately maintained and not conducive to through traffic.

Port Credit

Waterfront real estate is difficult to come by in the GTA, doubly so if you want a detached home instead of a condo or apartment. But Port Credit offers you the chance to own riverside and lakeside real estate in a community setting. A trading post turned fishing village, Port Credit is still largely independent from the rest of Mississauga and sports mainly detached homes.


Meadowvale was initially established as a milling town, but today it is a suburb that shares close ties with the city's largest business parks. You're more likely to see a Mississauga airport taxi, big trucks, and industry here, but your house will be tucked in amongst the trees on a quiet street, so if you're looking to live near work in either a detached home or condo, this could be the ideal neighborhood.

Erin Mills

If you like the regimented life at the training centre in Mississauga, and if rules keep you calm, you may like Erin Mills, which is Mississauga's largest and nicest planned community. Each part of Erin Mills was carefully planned as it was carved from farmland, and today it's a well laid out suburb with a mall at its core. There are some condos here as opposed to just detached homes, and the highway and GO transit make it easy to get in and out of.

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