Competing Condo Develpments

When you look at the skyline of a big city like Mississauga, you are bound to notice that there are a large number of residential towers that stretch as far as you can see. Condos are the big thing in the downtown area of many cities. Toronto condos and those in other big cities take advantage of all the historical appeal of the big city. They are close to business centres, shipping centres, entertainment, and more. But they don't come with the cost or the maintenance of a traditional home in such a setting.

Because condos have become so popular, and in places like Mississauga so valuable, they are going up at a rate which is hard to comprehend. While they are in high demand, new condo developments are still up against some heavy competition. That means developers have to put together an attractive package to entice people into buying what they have to offer; more work is put into selling condos this way than goes into Port Perry real estate.

That's great news for the person who wants to own a condo, because it means you get to select the unit which has the most to offer you. While they might be the same square footage, Scarborough condos and those in Mississauga will differ in what types of perks and incentives they have for people who choose to make specific developments their homes. Let's take a look at a few things to consider when it comes to selecting the right condo from amongst all that competition.

First, don't discount the impact of condo fees. In fact, we would recommend you look at this before amenities or anything else. If there is one thing that is guaranteed about ownership of Merton Street condos or those anywhere else, it is that the condo fees will never go down. Compare the fees in one condo to the next, and ask about things like adjustment rates and so on. Finding a low condo fee that won't go up any time soon is a way to save a lot of money.

Most condos offer the same basic amenities, so we will skip that part for this article. Instead, take a look at the little things competing condo developments have to offer. An agent at Royal LePage in Windsor suggests asking what kind of parking arrangements there are. Covered parking? Below ground? How many spots can you have? Two parking spots in the development for owners (with visitor parking besides) can be a real luxury.

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