Definition of a Loft

While when looking at the current real estate market throughout North America you might mainly see condos as the leading modern home choice, a property that is certainly gaining in interest and availability is the loft. While this may have only been the preferred choice of artists and those you could describe as bohemian a couple of decades ago, you will now find that there are everyone from doctors to accountants moving into Toronto condos or lofts. Here is a little bit about this home form and some of the top design features and advantages.

There are two different kinds of lofts that you will find on the real estate market. A hard loft is one that is converting from another existing structure. This was the origin of this type of residence as developers wanted to maximize the space in downtown cores and started to see the potential of turning old warehouses and factories into livable spaces. When you're looking for Toronto or Markham real estate you might find buildings with names that show they were once buildings used for another purpose. These are commonly lofts opposed to standard apartments or condos.

Soft lofts are build with the same design techniques in mind as their converted cousins but are constructed from the ground up without using any other original structure. As more people started seeing the potential of this form of real estate over townhomes Toronto based or standalone properties developers started creating customized buildings in this style. There are now many examples of soft lofts throughout Canada and North America and more on the way.

One of the main characteristics you will see in lofts is an open floor plan. When they started converting New York to PEI real estate from commercial buildings to residential structures they usually had much more square footage and less walls to work with than you would find with your standard condo. Thanks to the influence of older factory buildings you will also find a lot of high ceilings, large windows, and exposed brick. Hard lofts usually scream character and newer designs try to take that element with them.

While you will find more choices when it comes to lofts in Mississauga than you would if you were looking at Lindsay Ontario homes there are still not a large percentage of options when compared to other home types. Most still remain in downtown cores of mega metropolitan centers. But this is definitely a home style that is on the rise and has a lot of potential.

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