Real Estate Licensing for Agents in Etobicoke, Listings in Calgary and Kingston and Toronto Homes

Real Estate Licensing for Agents in Etobicoke, Listings in Calgary and Kingston and Toronto Homes

You might be looking at all the Forest Hill homes for sale out there and thinking that there's a bundle to be made on them. You might even know someone who wants to buy them. That doesn't mean, however, that you can run out and set up shop as a real estate agent tomorrow. To become a real estate agent in Ontario, you need a license. You can learn all about how to get your license and why you need one here.

The Real Estate Council of Ontario controls licensing in this province. The reason for this is that Etobicoke real estate agents have a lot of power. They often have keys to homes where people are still living, are trusted to look after empty homes, and council people in making decisions where hundreds of thousands of dollars are changing hands. The temptation would be too great for scammers, charlatans, and fraudsters to resist if there were no licensing or ethics requirements to become a real estate agent.

If you would like to become a real estate agent, there are several requirements you must meet. You have to be eighteen or older to apply for your license and have permanent residency status in Canada. You also have to have your high school diploma or GED and be able to pass a police check. This means that no criminals will be allowed to sell homes on the Calgary real estate listings, no matter if they're reformed or not. You also have to register with a real estate brokerage, which means getting an intern position there.

You also have to complete a number of training courses offered through the Ontario Real Estate Association before you will be approved to practice as a realtor. Within 18 months you must complete three separate courses detailing how houses are sold on the Kingston, Ontario MLS. At this point you join the brokerage and apply to the Real Estate Council to get your two year provisional license. During this period you are essentially an apprentice real estate agent working under more experienced agents at a brokerage where you can learn the ropes.

During your two year provisional period, you must complete three Articling courses that will prove you know how to sell Toronto homes on your own. When you have passed these courses you apply to RECO again and get your permanent license. At this point you can strike out on your own if you want. But training doesn't end there - you'll also have to do 24 credits worth of continuing education classes over two years and continue to refresh and update your training during your career. Training and licensing are different outside of Ontario, so if you move you may have more training to do.

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